Though I have not know Rod for a very long time, his big voice and big heart have made a tremendous impact on me. I’m honored to have Rod Propes as a vital part of Mike Chadwick ministries. Whether ministering in front of a group of middle-school students or on campus with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or a local church gathering, Rod puts his heart and soul into a very anointed worship experience. I highly recommend Rod to anyone seeking a deeper level of vocal worship in their midst.

Michael Dean ChadwickMichael Dean Chadwick Ministries Mike Chadwick Ministries Cary, NC

What a privilege it has been to host Rod Propes ministries at our church. He brings a love for the Lord that is real and contagious Rod shares his tremendous musical ability along with a powerful testimony of the Lord working through him. I highly recommend this brother in the Lord to your ministry.

Dale RobertsSenior Pastor, 1st Christian Minerva, OH

Rod Propes is a master communicator. He has a refreshing, balanced and straight forward presentation of the gospel in his message and music. He will be a blessing to every church. His ministry rings with authenticity.

Jimmy FranksPastor/Director, Southland Baptist/Hope for the World Int. Paducah, KY

It would be a great privilege for me to recommend my friend, Rod Propes to you and to your church. A ministry that will inspire you and your congregation through song and testimony that your people will relate to. Rodney will share the heartaches and triumphs of being a Christian and give you a fresh vision to face the challenges of tomorrow. Thank you Rod for being part of our ministry you have blessed our lives. Your are welcome at Gospel Baptist anytime.

Monty TrammelSenior Pastor, Gospel Baptist Galion, Ohio

Having been a pastor for twenty-five (25) years in all kinds of churches, I have been blessed by many tremendous singers. I have attended and spoken at many of our finest conferences where literally thousands were present and where some of the finest singers in the country sang. None of them…I repeat…NONE…were any more gifted than Rod Propes. I was with Rod recently in a revival in which he personally won several souls to Christ, sang heaven down every service, and blessed the people of the church…all ages.

God has uniquely gifted Rod for ministry in the local church. He will help your music program, bless your staff, you as a pastor, and your people. I saw people so blessed by Rod’s music that normally very reserved people were expressing praise to God through tears of rejoicing, enthusiastic applause, and “standing to your feet” praise! It was unlike anything I had ever seen or experienced musically.

I enthusiastically recommend this most gifted young man to you for your next revival, concert, or youth emphasis. He has one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. I will not hesitate to work with him every opportunity I may have. You will be blessed by the ministry of Rod Propes.

Jackie KayEvangelist, Millington, Tennessee

Rod Propes has a gift from the Lord to sing and communicate to the heart. He ministered at the Church of God Camp Meeting in Southern Ohio and was overwhelmingly received. He has my best recommendation. I’m confident that he will be a great blessing to your church or gospel event.

Rev Tim Hill1st assistant general overseer Church of God Cleveland, TN

Allow me please to recommend to you one of the purest vocalists in Christian music today. Rod Propes is a sold out Christian whose life and ministry exalt the Savior. Your church or group would be truly blessed by inviting Rod to minister to your people. I assure you that my recommendation is not a favor for a friend; although Rod is my friend. It is a sincere endorsement that I believe will be an inspiration to all.

Evangelist Jamey RagleFlorence, KY

As a professional music critic, a journalist, and a longtime follower of numerous Christian artists, I can say with authority that Rod Propes is one of the few musicians I’ve met who is genuinely humble and ministry driven. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he has a tremendous sense of humor and–oh yeah–he can flat-out sing! Here’s a guy who’s not afraid to be real in front of one person or several hundred, and who has compassion for those who are hurting. What a refreshing change to see a man of uncompromising character and absolute integrity stepping forward to share his abundant talent and his encouraging heart with others.

David McCrearyFormer Director of Public Relations, Trans World Radio Contributing Writer, CCM Magazine and